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This is my favorite part about analytics: Taking boring flat data and bringing it to life through visualization” John Tukey

US Permanent Visa Applications Insights

US Permanent Visa Applications Insights

Did you know that applicants from our nearest neighbors like Israel, Syria and Jordan receive higher salary offers from Lebanese applications? On the other hand, Lebanese applicants receive salaries higher than those from Egypt, Greece and Iran.

Did you know that you have 7% chance of having your visa application rejected?

Did you know that giant companies like Microsoft, Amazon or even Google hire fresh graduates who do not have any prior job experience?


Putting an end to child marriage

Putting an end to child marriage

“Transformation is often more about unlearning than learning”. – Rohr R.

As communities still follow their traditions and norms instead of educating themselves about the harms of child marriage, it continues to pose a threat to future generations to this day. Several factors shown in the dashboard can act as indicators for us to know in which countries this issue still persists. We used tableau to analyze these indicators by country and were surprised with the extent to which this issue is still present to this day and the lack of awareness about it. From our data, we categorized the indicators that are prevalent in our Country and discussed them with Lebanese activists (Mr Joe Maalouf, journalist – Ms. Hayat Mirshad, Head of communication and campaigning at RDFL). We were then able to come up with a clear picture of how the child marriage situation is in Lebanon; and accordingly, came up with solutions to reduce it.

In order to ultimately end child marriage, awareness should be raised to change cultural beliefs and norms.

It is time to put an end to child marriage!

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