Data Visualization

Blog of the Data Visualization & Communication Course at OSB-AUB

This is my favorite part about analytics: Taking boring flat data and bringing it to life through visualization” John Tukey


This blog keeps track of a selection of data visualizations created by the Data Visualization and Communication (MSBA 325) students at OSB, AUB.

The data visualization and communication course covers exploratory and exploratory data analytics. It introduces students to the latest data visualization techniques and tools to visualize data using a variety of approaches that fit the data and context. Students learn how to develop data visualizations and communicate with a focus on concepts related to storytelling, visual design, dashboards and others. Students acquire hands-on skills to create effective information visualization based on different data types and audiences. A mix of coding with out of the box tools are explored in the course depending on the visualization goals and context.

For further information about the MSBA program at OSB, please visit the program website.

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