ABLE Summit

Get Ready for the ABLE Summit 2023!

Mark the Date

September 14 and 15, 2023








What is ABLE Summit?

ABLE Summit is the 1st of a kind event in Lebanon and the region, shedding the light on Digital Accessibility in Higher Education. It is a national-level ripple effect event, featuring renowned speakers from global leading organizations in the industry to boost awareness, charge collective momentum, and to trigger related initiatives.

Highlights from Previous Summit

A national level event, with ripple effects in the region, the ABLE Summit 2022 featured renowned speakers from global leading organizations in industry and academia, to boost awareness, charge collective momentum and trigger related initiatives.







Take Part in The ABLE Summit 2023:


Speak via workshop, showcase, talk, discussion.


Demonstrate your latest products & services.

Sponsor Us!

Gain exposure in Digital Accessibility.

Participate as a Speaker:

Become an Exhibitor:

Book a booth in the ABLE Summit Exhibition for assistive technologies and accessibility services.

Become an Sponsor:

Become a Sponsor to the ABLE summit, cash or in-kind. Sponsors receive:

  1. Organization logo in the conference booklet, printed material and the conference website.
  2. Insertion of promotional materials from the sponsor in the official conference bag
  3. Social media posts


“Special needs or not, equal access is your right” - ABLE Team.


“Unforgettable times in Beirut by listening, socializing and sharing experiences and best practices with wonderful leaders, from the Arab region, and around the world.”
Dr. Humberto Insolera

EDF Executive Committee, European Disability Forum

“It was a real pleasure to talk about “Three Fundamentals for Improving Digital Accessibility and Inclusion” (trust me, I could have gone well beyond three) at the first ABLE Summit”.
Jennison Asuncion

Co-Founder, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

“The first Assistive Technology conference in Lebanon has been a great success as speaker after speaker spoke of making things more accessible for everyone.”
Myles Pilling

Council Member, and Director, British Assistive Technology Association (BATA)

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