Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ABLE (Accessibility for a Bolder Learning Experience)?

ABLE aims at increasing the retention and success rates of students with disabilities and to support their readiness for life after university by developing and deploying accessibility to campus-wide IT resources.

ABLE scope covers assistive technologies (A.T), learning content, services, resources, policies, inclusive IT support, collaboration platforms, IT facilities and learning spaces.

The ABLE initiative includes, but not limited to:

  • The ABLE Summit annual event
  • A national joint project to implement digital accessibility in higher education with a consortium of universities, governmental and nongovernmental entities.
What is the ABLE summit about?

The ABLE Summit is the 1st of a kind event in Lebanon and the region shedding light on Digital Accessibility in Higher Education.

national level event, with ripple effects in the region, the ABLE summit will feature renowned speakers from global leading organizations in industry  and academia, to boost awareness, charge collective momentum and to trigger related initiatives.`

The goals of the ABLE summit are to:

  • Trigger a high impact awareness wave
  • Create a knowledge-share hub
  • Bring together expertise and experiences
  • Energize the community and trigger collaborations
  • Amplify the impact of the current initiatives
  • Sketch a roadmap to Digital Accessibility in Higher Education.
Who should attend the ABLE Summit?

The ABLE Summit is a forum that brings together over 200 experts, frontline workers, innovators, vendors, and end users to share innovations, best practices, implementation strategies, research and education in assistive technology (AT) and accessibility.

This conference will be beneficial to:

  • Students with special needs and their parents
  • Educators and academicians
  • Special education schools and institutions
  • University and educational institution administrators
  • Policy makers, officials, and specialists
  • Employers that accommodate special needs
  • NGOs that support special needs
  • Industry leaders, specialized organizations and Assistive Technology (AT) providers
  • Technology professionals, innovators, AT experts, digital content creators, instructional designers, web designers, and developers
  • Therapists and medical professionals that work with PWDs
  • Accessibility professionals and advocates
What are the summit fees?

ABLE is a FREE of charge event for the public intended to spread awareness, share knowledge and new innovations and to trigger affiliations

How can I participate in ABLE?
Are participants granted a certificate of attendance?

We grant certificates of attendance only upon request.

Accomodations & Travel

Do I need a Visa?

You can find visa information at the following link

For information on transportation from the Airport
Are there any emergency numbers I can contact?

Beirut Emergency Numbers:

Police: 112
Fire: 175
Red Cross: 140

University Emergency Numbers:

Fire: #5555
Emergency Medical Assistance: #7777
Office of Protection: #2400
EHSRM: #2360
Physical Plant: #2015

Does ABLE provide accommodations for its guests?

ABLE provides accommodations for invited guests only. Nonethelesss, we have selected a wide variety of top recommended hotels near AUB to ensure a pleasant experience throughout your stay. For more information: accomodations.

How can I contact my country's embassy in Lebanon?

You can find a list of embassies in Lebanon with contact info here.


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