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ABLE Summit 2020 Exhibitors

AbleDocs makes document accessibility fast, easy, secure, and cost-effective. With best-in-class technology and deep category expertise, Abledocs offers solutions that are compliant every single time.

Mind Rockets Inc uses their assistive technologies for the deaf to make companies and organizations deaf accessible by integrating Virtual Interpreters into their online content to understandable by the deaf.

  1. Products leading deaf accessibility:
  2. Sign Language Web Interpreter
  3. Facebook Page Interpreter
  4. Contact Us in sign language

Providing free apps for individuals to communicate in sign language using 3D avatars.

The Tablet Academy is an independent organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the integration of new and existing technologies.Through high-level consultancy and training services our team of fully qualified educators support over 700 schools and train over 12,000 teachers a year.

  • Strategic Consultancy & Digital Skills Audits.
  • Professional Development, Online Training Platform &  Accredited Training.
  • Student Enrichment Workshops &  iDEA accredited programmes
  • Curriculum Development & Project Based Learning
  • Annual Support Packages.
  • Online Safety Support Services.

Samsung logo

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol.

CyberTech logo


Indian multinational that provides IT services and solutions in areas like GIS, SAP, Internetworking and many more

Ergonomic design of a cup that reduces liquid spillage and counter acts shaking for people with hand tremors

A virtual 3D world, build with familiar spaces and building; applied to children with special needs to allow them to feel more at ease with the training or material delivery.

Yamout hearing center


Since 1989, YHC has been a leading provider of high-quality audiology and medical instruments. Over the years YHC collaborated with leading surgeons and medical facilities to develop thousands of unique surgical instrument patterns.
They provide a combination of durable new and professionally refurbished equipment to medical professionals around the globe. They also provide doctors with the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget. Their aim is to be a single-source supplier for all of the major operating room equipment and surgical tools. Through the dedication, they proudly achieved a worldwide reputation for providing high-quality surgical instruments and consistent customer service.


Life Centered Education
- To prepare students for job placement or further education leading to successful employment.
- To provide an education that purposely teaches students what they need to learn, to become productive members of their community.

Awada vision

All consultations, measurement, and manufacturing of eye prosthesis, as well as low vision equipment showcase and trials, take place in the main center in Beirut Lebanon. Awada Vision Center is fully equipped with the latest technological tools and machines that provide the best and most adequate results.
Moreover, Mr. Hassan is a visitor ocularist at the Imperial Healthcare Insitute in Dubai and the Hamad Medical Hospital in Qatar. Also, he visits the Eye Speciality Hospital and the New Vision Center in Jordan. In addition to all that, Mr. Hassan works as well in France and Switzerland under the Eye Tech Vision and the Visionet names.

Harika Center logo

Since its founding in 1935, Centre Harika’s mission has been to improve the mobility of people with disabilities and help them lead a better life. Centre Harika has been at the forefront of technological development ever since bringing the CAD/CAM technology for Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) production to the Middle East.
For decades, the custom fitting of P&O devices involved a manual plaster casting process that was slow, messy, and uncomfortable for the patient. Computer-aided design and manufacturing at Centre Harika replaces plasterwork and offers a faster, more accurate and pleasant experience for patients. This technology has dramatically changed the way prosthetics and orthotics are produced, by eliminating plaster use and introducing the patient 3D scanner that captures a high-resolution 3D model of the patient in seconds- with no patient contact.


Middle East Technology for Consultancy and Services (MET-CS) traces its roots back to the early 1990. Shortly after its establishment as a technology provider, MET-CS merged with a multinational Company until both companies split-up in 2010 and have since then operated independently.
At MET-CS we take pride in leveraging the vast knowledge and experience we gained over the many years we've successfully spent dealing with customers' needs related to data management, security and protection.
To be the best, we are currently focusing our efforts and resources into the following areas:

- Data Center design, consolidation, scalability, management, protection and security
- Cloud Computing
- Virtualization
- Consultancy Services

With the broadest range of capabilities, MET-CS offers clients the solutions they need to manage data complexity, focus on core business, collaborate with partners and clients and improve operations.

TextHelp logo


Texthelp is the leading provider of assistive software to both Education, Corporate markets worldwide. We believe that everyone shares a fundamental need to be understood by others, and that language is our passport to academic, social and professional success. Our company is at the forefront of innovative software: we create smart, easy-to-use support technologies that enable young people and adults to read and write with confidence and independence. Texthelp brings literacy to life.


picPAD is a portable device that helps blind people to perceive digital pictures using their tactile sense. By transforming digital pictures into 3D models, every blind person will have insight about the content of these pictures.

iET Interactive Education Technology is a company specialized in digital transformation for education. It was established in Lebanon in 2010.

Mission: To render the digital transformation for schools through international partners, solutions and deep experience easier and more feasible. The experience extends as far as 1800 schools that have acquired the solutions in interactive, immersive technologies and unique Harmonic learning technology methodology; a technological methodology with tools for research and development employed in the course of projecting innovation ideas on real Artificial intelligence prototype products that streams the STEAM methodology and obtains the optimum returns

Vision: To create a sustainable digital citizenship generation through collaboration and partnership with educational entities, through which we can face the challenges of 4iR (the 4th industrial revolution) and support students with innovative technology competencies.

  1. Dell - MET CS
  2. CyberTech
  3. Samsung
  4. Awada Vision
  5. Microsoft - Tablet Academy 
  6. Harika Center
  7. Yamout Hearing Center
  8. AbleDocs
  9. ReadSpeaker
  10. MindRockets
  11. TextHelp
  12. SpillProof
  13. Genius Mind Sense
  14. picPAD
  15. iET Interactive Education Technology
  16. Next Step
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