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ABLE Summit 2022 Exhibitors

kam kalima logo

amkalima provides a holistic e-learning platform with purposeful technology and meaningful content to rewrite Arabic education in the 21st century.

We equip Arabic teachers with the resources and support to raise a generation of engaged and creative tech-driven students, and we inspire them to do what they do best, teach.

The Tablet Academy is an independent organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the integration of new and existing technologies.Through high-level consultancy and training services our team of fully qualified educators support over 700 schools and train over 12,000 teachers a year.

  • Strategic Consultancy & Digital Skills Audits.
  • Professional Development, Online Training Platform &  Accredited Training.
  • Student Enrichment Workshops &  iDEA accredited programmes
  • Curriculum Development & Project Based Learning
  • Annual Support Packages.
  • Online Safety Support Services.

Sustainability DASS Solutions is a company that is passionate about accessibility. We support, enable, and champion people of determination in any way that it can. DASS Solutions is the only turnkey accessibility expert in the Middle East, supporting public and private sector organizations from the moment accessibility is placed on the agenda and guiding their efforts throughout their journey to an inclusive workplace and society.

Over the years we have acquired valuable knowledge on many of the challenges and issues that 100+ educational institutions face and provide state of the art solutions to address them.

We believe that education should not be limited to a certain curriculum, but is meant for learners to grow and develop on multiple aspects.

ascuavel logo


ACSAUVEL, civil association for the safeguard of the human being in Lebanon, is a non-profit, humanitarian association that is recognized by the Lebanese Government under N. 127 dated 19/10/1979.

The first goal of our association is to develop the autonomy and social integration of every person that attends our center without any racial, political, or religious discrimination. Our association is currently in charge of 78 mentally-challenged children and adults. We offer them specialized education until they attain the age of 18 years, and at that stage, they move on to our workshops section to learn skills at a professional level. Their main activities are pottery, wicker workshop, sewing, cooking, and mosaic.

Our center was built and equipped during the war thanks to the generosity and the support of many international organizations such as: World Vision International, Misereor, MissionPontificale. Since then ACSAUVEL received support from the Embassies of France, England, Germany, Canada, Japan, and the USAID. Our head quarters are in Tamish, near Champville School in the Metn area.

Awada vision

All consultations, measurement, and manufacturing of eye prosthesis, as well as low vision equipment showcase and trials, take place in the main center in Beirut Lebanon. Awada Vision Center is fully equipped with the latest technological tools and machines that provide the best and most adequate results.
Moreover, Mr. Hassan is a visitor ocularist at the Imperial Healthcare Insitute in Dubai and the Hamad Medical Hospital in Qatar. Also, he visits the Eye Speciality Hospital and the New Vision Center in Jordan. In addition to all that, Mr. Hassan works as well in France and Switzerland under the Eye Tech Vision and the Visionet names.


Middle East Technology for Consultancy and Services (MET-CS) traces its roots back to the early 1990. Shortly after its establishment as a technology provider, MET-CS merged with a multinational Company until both companies split-up in 2010 and have since then operated independently.
At MET-CS we take pride in leveraging the vast knowledge and experience we gained over the many years we've successfully spent dealing with customers' needs related to data management, security and protection.
To be the best, we are currently focusing our efforts and resources into the following areas:

- Data Center design, consolidation, scalability, management, protection and security
- Cloud Computing
- Virtualization
- Consultancy Services

With the broadest range of capabilities, MET-CS offers clients the solutions they need to manage data complexity, focus on core business, collaborate with partners and clients and improve operations.

cyber tech logo

Founded in 1996 and based in Beirut, Cybertech has developed a successful business through a commitment to rigorous professionalism and high efficiency, allowing for dedicated support to clients all over the Lebanese territory and abroad.

In 2008, after 12 years of successful business and growth, Cybertech changed its legal status to S.A.L.

Our mission is to provide organizations with IT Solutions, Professional Technical Support & Efficient Service, ensuring all business operations are running uninterrupted & greatly reducing downtime, thus allowing organizations to focus totally on their core business activities.


picPAD is a portable device that helps blind people to perceive digital pictures using their tactile sense. By transforming digital pictures into 3D models, every blind person will have insight about the content of these pictures.

ABLE aims at increasing the retention and success rates of students with disabilities and to support their readiness for life after university by developing and deploying accessibility to campus-wide IT resources.

ABLE scope covers assistive technologies (A.T), learning content, services, resources, policies, inclusive IT support, collaboration platforms, IT facilities and learning spaces.

disability hub

This platform is the first of its kind in the Arab region. It aims to provide persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers as well as organizations, researchers and academic institutions various kinds of information related to disability. Additionally, the platform will assist in informing research to make the Arab world more accessible and inclusive. 

This platform contains:

  1. A depository of the literature and database research on disability in the MENA region
  2. A depository of directory and assistive technology services in the MENA region
  3. Awareness material on disability and inclusiveness
  4. A watchtower that will enable the public and organizations to report violations and successful initiatives in the field of disability through this forum. 


MOJITECH is now one of Lebanon’s leading computer companies and the proud business partner of many international NGOs, embassies, hotels, restaurants, and companies. But this is how it all started…

Remember the huge cell phones, Pentium processors, AIM and ICQ, the introduction of iMac, DVDs, Windows NT 3.1, 95 and 98 …?
Well, it’s the 90s we’re talking about with the groundbreaking boom of the technological revolution in the world; and, in a small corner in Lebanon, the dawn of MOJITECH.

MOJITECH started out as a small computer sales/repair shop in 1997 in the heat of technological breakthroughs. In 2004, what was originally a humble shop with a small showroom had already developed into a reliable computer (hardware and software) service provider, offering in-house and on-site computer facilities.

Some four years later, the company enlarged/renovated its space and broadened its business significantly to better serve its ever-growing clientele.

All through its ongoing growth, MOJITECH remained loyal to its basic work ethics: offering satisfactory SOLUTIONS and providing attentive CARE to each and every customer’s IT needs.

ABLE Exhibitor booth
  1. Dell - MET CS
  2. CyberTech
  3. DASS Solutions
  4. Awada Vision
  5. Reach Up
  6. Kam Kalima
  7. Wheely Wheel
  8. Audio Conseil
  9. ProAbled
  10. Acsauvel
  11. Vision Rehabilitation Center
  12. ABLE Club
  13. Next Step
  14. Tablet Academy MENA - Microsoft
  15. Genius Mind Sense
  16. eFlow
  17. mltk
  18. disability Hub
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