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AI For Accessibility Hackathon Final Blog 

Written by: Abed Kotob

The hackathon finally arrived, giving teams from different countries including Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, USA, Egypt, Kuwait, India, and Algeria a chance to take part in building a socially inclusive community while working on two different tracks: Assistive Technology and Physical Aids….read more

Hackathon Event

100 participants with 30 ideas form 10 different countries, where accepted to break the barriers this month!!

The goal of the AI for Accessibility Hackathon is not only to allow participants to compete on presenting accessibility solutions, but to also equip them with the technical, business, and soft skills workshops to help them build user-centric solutions in a short time 🚀

Our participants benefited from multiple workshops, provided by experts in different fields !

watch now on the following link:

Hackathon Event

We put the A.I in aim and our aim is to use A.I. for accessibility!

Break the barriers and apply before June 10!

For more info, check the innovation challenge page:

Hackathon Kickoff and Orientation Event

Meet the experts and learn more to master your journey to the finals. Book your place before May 23.

For more info, check the innovation challenge page:

Watch Now On The Following Link:

ABLE Summit 2020 Webinar Series

The ABLE Summit brings to you a series of webinars in response to the multi-fold challenges in Lebanon and its impact on students with disabilities.

Tammouz Seminar 

At the invitation of the Center for Studies and Training on Citizenship and the German Hanns Seidel Stiftung, in cooperation with the Education Technology Guild , sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. The workshop was characterized by a qualitative presence, including officials from different universities working in Lebanon, managers of educational institutions, in the formal and private sectors, and representatives of the frameworks working in digital education, to interested. George Nahra, head of the Educational Center for Research and Development commissioned by Minister Al Majdoub and speech of Educational Center .

ABLE marks the 9th Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Beirut 

In celebration of the 9th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), The office of Information Technology (IT) at the American University of Beirut (AUB), under the ABLE initiative (Accessibility for a Bolder Learning Experience), has organized a 1-hour online panel discussion on WebEx to discuss “Online Teaching and Learning Accessibility” from a universal and local perspective, on Wednesday 27 May 2020.

ABLE Summit 2019

The ABLE Summit is a response to the multi-fold challenges in Lebanon and its impact on students with disabilities.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2019

introduction to digital accessibility, WCAG 2.0 international standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) with user experience perspective.

Press Release

A.I. for Accessibility Hackathon 2021

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Al Markazeya - المركزية

Al Kalima Online


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