Support ABLE

ABLE is on a mission to support talents with special needs, helping them achieve their full potential in education and independent living. Aligned with UN SDGs for quality education (SDG 4), inclusion (SDG 10), and equality (SDG 5), we drive change through:

🌟 Cultivating inclusive practices on institutional levels
🌟 Offering free multitrack capacity-building training
🌟 Establishing a public knowledge-base through online libraries
🌟 Forging strategic partnerships through networking
🌟 Introducing transformative Assistive Technologies
🌟 Nurturing an accessibility network for collaboration
🌟 Equipping for sustainable accessibility.

Join us in creating a world where everyone’s abilities shine. Support ABLE’s impact today!

Attend one of the biggest fora in the region!

Accessibility Arrangements: We are committed to providing a fully accessible environment for all attendees. Here are some of the accessibility features in place:

  • Wheelchair users will have access from OSB Parking on the sea side, help on arrival will be provided.
  • Live Captioning: All sessions will have live captioning to ensure accessibility for attendees with hearing impairments.
  • Sign Language Interpretation: Sign language interpretation (LSL and ISL) will be available.
  • Translation: Sessions will be translated into Arabic and English.
  • Personal Escorts: If you require personal escort assistance, please contact or or reach out to our staff at the registration desk.
  • Accessible Event Map: An accessible event map will be provided to guide you around the venue.
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