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Hospital Beds Availability and COVID-19

by | May 6, 2020 | Visualization | 0 comments

Accommodating the Covid-19 Sick Patients within Hospital Beds has been the main challenge worldwide for poor and rich countries alike and for countries with strong healthcare systems and weak healthcare systems alike. Securing these beds is a life or death situation for the Covid-19 critically ill patients who need special intensive care beds. This visulaization will show you the distribution of intensive care patients by country and will show you that the more hospital beds available per 1,000 poulation the lower the Covid-10 mortalility rates.

As per the scatter diagram, countries with higher number of beds per 1,000 population have maintained lower Covid-19 mortality rate even after they went into the peak of Covid-19; best example being Japan with only 4 dead per 1 million population. This is contrasted with England for example which, even prior to reaching the peak of Covid-19, had a high Covid-19 mortality rate of 305 per million. In Japan, there are 13.4 beds per 1000 population whereas in England there are only 2.8 beds per 1000 population.

As per the heat map, we find that Brazil, Iran, Vietnam and Thailand are having the highest percent of critical care patients. Also, this map shows that Lebanon has a 6.53% of critical Covid-19 cases.


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