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Open Opportunities

  • In HealthTech and Media: DonaLeb

Opening: Application Developers

DonaLeb opening info

  • In Other: EnviroClean

Opening: Preparation Assistant

EnviroClean opening info

  • In EdTech: Fikri Website

Openings: Website Developer and Game Developer

Fikri Website opening info

  • In Other: W.R

Openings: AI Developers and Research Assistant

W.R. opening info

    • In HealthTech: Healthcare Market Place

    Opening: IT Specialists in Website and Mobile App Building

    • In EnergyTechCrowd Powered

    Opening: Intern “Electrical or Mechanical Engineer”

    Crowd Powered openings info

    • In MedTech: RAM

    Openings: Start-up Partners

    RAM opening info

    • In EdTech: Irabic

    Openings: Graphic Designer/Animator

    Irabic opening info

    • In Market Places: Ahla w Sahla

    Openings: Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Sales and Outreach, Tourism /Field Expert, Social Media Marketer

    Ahla w Sahla opening info

    • In E-Commerce, Marketplaces, MedTech, and HealthTech: MediMart

    Openings: Technical Partner, Technical Adviser, IT and Business Interns, and Management Partner

    MediMart opening info

    • In EdTech: Sila


    Openings: Graphic/Art Design, 3D Modeler, Filmmakers, Educational Designers, Video Marketer, Social Media Marketer

    Sila opening info


    Experience Seekers Ready to Engage

    • Applicant ID: 20211214-AD
      Major: Chemistry
      Areas of Interest: E-Commerce, Marketplaces, FoodTech, Travel, MedTech, On Demand Economy, BioTech, EdTech, EnergyTech, AgriTech, HealthTech, RegTech, Media, and Artificial Intelligence

      Skills/Experience: Social Media Manager, Sales Promoter, Chemistry Lab Instructor, and Private Tutor

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    • Applicant ID: 20211214-MD
      Major: Computer Science
      Area of Interest: FoodTech, Travel, B2B SaaS, Mobility, Streaming, DeepTech, EdTech, EnergyTech, AgriTech, HealthTech, RegTech, ConsumerApps, TravelTech, Telecom, and Artificial Intelligence

      Skills/Experience: Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, SQL, Git, Git Hub, Junit, Rest APIs, Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js)

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    • Applicant ID: 20211214-SC
      Major: Doctor in Medicine
      Areas of Interest: MedTech, BioTech, EdTech, HealthTech, and Artificial Intelligence

      Skills/Experience: Tutor, Medical Intern, Medical Translation (French to English), Medical Intern in Paris, Digestive Surgery, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care, Psychiatry, Nephrology & Dialysis, COVID Unit, General Medicine, Dermatology, Emergency Room, and Ophthalmology

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    • Applicant ID: 20211214-GM
      Major: Electrical and Biomedical Engineer
      Areas of Interest: MedTech, DeepTech, BioTech, HealthTech, and Artificial Intelligence

      Skills/Experience: Published, Technical lab assistant for both biomedical and electronics lab, and Research Assistant

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