Idea Validation Program 2024

The 2024 Zein AUB iPark Idea Validation Program is Coming Up

Roll up your sleeves to explore the entrepreneurial journey!

Learn best practices in both entrepreneurship and personal development for entrepreneurs

Personal Development for Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Foundations
Module 1: Mindfulness to the power 5 framework Sprint 1: From Idea to Market – The Journey
Module 2: Observation and Creativity Sprint 2: Design Thinking and Market Research
Module 3: EQ and Perspective Taking Sprint 3: Lean Canvas and Business Literacy
Module 4: Soft Skills Sprint 4: Financial Literacy and Investment Readiness
Module 5: Proactiveness and Resilience – Dealing with Burnout and Failure Sprint 5: Pitching

Join now to kick start the entrepreneurial process

The program will run from February to April 2024, with access to prototyping petty cash and mentoring based on progress, deliverables, and submissions. The program includes group webinars to cover the different topics.

Committed startups that are selected from the Idea Validation Program will qualify for the pitching event where top ideas get selected for the next Build and Accelerate Program, which takes place from July until September 2024

Who Can Apply?

Any AUBite or teams with at least one AUBite core team member including undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, staff, or faculty members

Don't Have a Team?

Innovators who are looking for partners to complete their teams can use iPark’s Skills Match Hub.

Deadline to Apply January 21, 2024








Our Journey Program

Journey Programs

February-April 2024

Petty Cash

To develop your Low Fidelity Prototype (basic prototype)

July-September 2024 

Access to Funds

To develop your Minimum Viable Product , Minimum Marketable Product, and Market Development

November-March 2024

Launching, Execution, and Commercialization

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