The incubation


What do we do ?

The Zein AUB IPark is the place to grow your idea. We support AUBites seeking to develop new or developed innovative ideas into profitable and scalable startups.

How ?

From the heart of the startup ecosystem Beirut Digital District (BDD), we help you convert your idea into a viable business by:

  • Incubating your idea/s
  •  Accelerating your venture
  •  Connecting you with industry specialists and mentors
  • Linking you to potential partners, talents and investors

    Most importantly, we help you grow!

AUB campus

Who Can Join ?

AUB undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, or researchers partnering with a student, who:

  • have an innovative idea addressing real-world problems with a wide impact.
  • are willing and able to commit to the startup journey.

Our Journey Stages

Stage 1: Idea Validation

  • Concept development
  • Business model
  • Pitching

Stage 2: Build & Accelerate 

  • Product development
  • Piloting
  • Alfa customer

Stage 3: Go To Market

  • Execute & Operate
  • Commercialization
  • Sell and grow