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Our Mission

We offer a comprehensive program for educating students and alumni, engaging in research on entrepreneurship, and developing innovative ideas and converting them into profitable and scalable startups. The Talal and Madiha Zein AUB Innovation Park will be an inclusive place where AUB students, alumni, and faculty members (although the priority will be granted to students and alumni) across faculties can meet, learn, exchange ideas, and get educational support to launch and scale their ventures and fulfill the educational mission of the American University of Beirut. AUB views the Talal and Madiha Zein AUB Innovation Park as a hub promoting cross- disciplinary collaboration and positioning AUB as a key educational and research pillar of the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

What we do

We support AUBites seeking to develop innovative ideas into profitable and scalable startups

We offer multidisciplinary programs to Inspire, Enable & Connect

We rally talents and help you grow your idea through innovation challenges and Hackathons

A Founder’s Journey at iPark

Virtual Reality Glasses

what sets iPark apart?

Right at the core, iPark is driven by one of the largest Research Communities in Lebanon which augment its other exquisite facilities. Not only are we located at the heart of Beirut Digital District, the home of the start-up ecosystem, but we encompass a dynamically extensive international network community which has consistently equipped our start-ups with a global perspective.

LEADErs’ Message

“Despite all the challenges that Lebanon and AUB are facing, AUB will continue its mission to empower youth and support their ambitions, future, and lives. The Talal and Madiha Zein AUB innovation park was established with the mission and the conviction that the ability of our youth and the prioritization of the innovation part of their education enabling their problem solving and creativity will blaze a better future for Lebanon and the region. By inspiring, enabling, and connecting the new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, we can have a better tomorrow.”
Fadlo R. Khuri

President of The American University of Beirut

“We are gathered here, to shed light on great entrepreneurs who can help pull Lebanon out of its abyss. We are gathered here, to create job opportunities and show that the immigration trend can be reversed, and to assert that the will to construct is stronger than the will to destruct.”

Mouhamad Rabah

CEO of Beirut Digital District

“We believe that innovation drives growth and contributes to building a better world. Our programs prepare innovators through journeys tailored to their goals by connecting them to a wide network of advisors, partners, mentors, investors, and like-minded programs across the world, and by providing them with the resources required to help them develop their ideas into self-sustaining and profitable enterprises. At the Talal and Madiha Zein AUB Innovation Park, we rally, motivate, and support innovators who contribute to the betterment and economic growth of Lebanon, the region and beyond!”

Dr Yousif Asfour

Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer

” We take pride at AUB in what we do. We are grateful for all contributing partners who are joining us on the route of success. Our aim is to rally talents- Lebanon’s biggest fortune – and to empower our social abilities and innovation skills, our main competitive advantages.”
Maha Zouwayhed

Associate Director- Zein AUB iPark


“As the B&A (2023) program draws to a close, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and encouragement you’ve generously provided throughout this transformative journey. Your guidance has been instrumental in effecting significant improvements in our business model, and we’ve been privileged to be surrounded by true professionals who consistently went above and beyond the program’s expectations, pushing us beyond our comfort zones.

Jamal Fayoumi

Co-Founder and COO, Fixalign

“The influence that iPark had on Listando was truly exceptional. It’s not just a state of the art office, it’s a combination of top-notch mentoring, workshops and building connections in the heart of the startup ecosystem. It will always be a special place where our company took its first steps in the startup world.”

Marc Ibrahim

Ceo, Listando

“The AUB iPark enabled us to work in a creative environment surrounded by great entrepreneurs looking to build international companies. That kind of support, coupled with great mentors, enabled us to solve every problem that came our way.”

Wael Khattar

Managing Partner, Anachron

“We joined the iPark after previous experience with accelerators, so we had high expectations. These expectations were more than met. The first-class facility is very conducive to productivity.
The workshops delivered by the program were also very useful. We particularly benefited from the digital marketing mentorship. Thanks to iPark and the AUB ecosystem, we were able to shortlist interns and are planning on hiring ..”

Georges Khoury

CEO, Crowd Powered

“AUB iPark has been of great help to Celitech. It helped us build a dev team based out of Beirut, within an empowering community and top-notch facilities. I’m deeply grateful to AUB iPark for their entrepreneurial support.”

Ahmad Al Fares

Founder & CEO, Celitech