Build & Accelerate Program 2023

Welcome to the iPark Build & Accelerate Program 2023! Out of 238 participants in the Idea Validation Program, 13 made it to the next stage. We are excited to embark on a journey of product development and market readiness with our startups!

Build & Accelerate 2023 program launch on June 19
Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3

Sprint 4

Sprint 5

Sprint 6

Business Model Validation
Product Development/MVP
Go-To-Market Strategy
Financial Modeling
From MVP to MMP
Legal and Funding + Launching Campaign


Week 1-2

Week 3-4

Week 5-6

Week 7-8

Week 9-10

Week 11-12

The program runs from June until September 2023. Our startups will get tailored mentoring, inspirational sessions with advanced founders, workshops, and access to finance.

Our Journey Programs

Journey Programs

January-April 2023

Up to $500 in Grants

To develop your Low Fidelity Prototype (basic prototype)

June-September 2023 

Up to $10,000 in Grants

To develop your Minimum Viable Product (intermediate prototype)

we are currently here

December-April 2024

Expert Commercialization Strategy

 To enter market

 Meet our 2023 iPark Portfolio Startups!

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