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Gender Disparities in Suicide Rates

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The sustainable development goals set by the United Nations outline the global targets to be achieved by 2030. Among these, SDG 3 focuses on ensuring health and well-being for all, and more specifically SDG3.4 targets the mental health well-being.

We can see in the graph that males suicide rate is much more higher, approximately three to four times, than females suicide rate, no matter if the country is developed or not. And this applies to approximately all countries if not all.

But what is the main cause? the root cause underlying behind this? MASCUNALITY.

Social expectations weigh heavily on men, discouraging them from expressing vulnerability and seeking for help, creating a silent struggle, and isolating them in their battles with mental health.

The call to action is clear:

  1. Challenge stereotypes around mascunality by promoting for a more inclusive and open understanding of mascunality and challenging the social norms that prevent men from showing signs and expressing weekness.
  2. Promote mental health education by encouraging mental health programs and addressing the struggles men face.
  3. Finally, let men have access to mental health services.

Finally, we need to keep track of the rates. For sure if the plan is going to be in action, these rates will go down.


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