Outlook seeks to give platform that educates, enlightens, and empowers our student body by amplifying their voices, honing their journalistic and professional skills, telling stories that go untold, and providing resources to make tangible impact in their communities.

1949 - Outlook founded as an independent student newspaper

Despite student papers and journals existing in AUB well before the 20th century, Outlook was formed as the first official independent student paper, with the first issue published on November 11, 1949.

1950 - Outlook granted official press charter


As indicated by the article above, 1950 was a monumental year for Outlook as the paper gained official recognition by the Lebanese Press Charter, in what was described as a “christening.” As of May 23, 1950, Outlook has been the only student-led paper to earn a press charter.

1974 - Outlook ceases operations amidst turmoil


Given the pre-Civil War national instability along with the rise in radical Arab nationalism following the 1973 war, AUB’s campus was host to severe turmoil. With protests and student strikes commonplace, Outlook stood as an independent platform for all perspectives. However, in April 1974, Outlook regrettably ceased operations for what would become decades on end.

1997 - Outlook returns


After 23 years of shut operations, Outlook returns to campus in 1997 with a new set of bylaws and a more modern format. With stability returning in the country, a writer describes the campus in Outlook’s first issue, saying, “politics is no longer at the heart of the student life, although it is occasionally discussed in a relatively friend atmosphere.”

2020 - Outlook expands into the digital realm


Following national instability and the COVID-19 pandemic, Outlook took a leap to the digital realm in its 53rd volume. By expanding into digital journalism, Outlook embraced the shifting trends of its time. Since then, the website has been continuously honed and improved to best reflect students’ wants and needs.


This Volume In History


As Volume 56 (LIV) of Outlook, this year’s goal is to foster the return back to campus by going back in print for the first time in two years, while maintaining our digital presence – granting Outlook a hybrid role. Given the country’s circumstances, we also hope to be a platform that allows students to express all their thoughts and feelings, accompanying the campus through both its grief and joy. Most importantly, we look forward to enriching AUB’s campus with informative, unbiased, and intriguing articles that can captivate their attention and feed into their knowledge – all while giving back to our valued writers, editors, and team members.