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Words That Shape Us: How Language Defines Our Gender and Identity

Mahmoud Al Rabaa | Staff Writer Language is one of those components of our life that we perceive as only a simple means of communication with others. As human beings, we constantly interact with the world around us using language. Be it people, emotions, or even...

Ugly Motherhood: the Reality of Having Daughters

Nour Tormos | Staff Writer Motherhood is the most misunderstood and sugarcoated experience. Reduced to buying pretty baby clothes and having a “cute” baby bump, motherhood can actually take a more violent and bloody form. The burden that comes with motherhood is...

Bow for a Glow: The Problem with “Girl” Anything

Bow for a Glow: The Problem with “Girl” Anything

By Nour Tormos – Staff Writer
“Explaining war to you…. Girl edition!” “Explaining quantum physics for the girlies!” And the explanation would be a complete dumbing down of the idea through extreme simplifications or analogies used with kids.