We are pleased to announce that Layal Al Khuja, Alexander Khalil and Aya Kayal won the Murex Award for the “Best Collaborative Software Development Project”

Their FYP project was about developing Machine Learning models for predicting survival probability from CT scans of Brain Injuries. The project was developed in close collaboration with the University of Chicago who were impressed with their inquisitive approaches. The team was able to make a solid understanding of what characterizes brain injuries and develop base models that can be developed further.

The Murex Award is an annual award for students in the electrical and computer engineering department. Best Innovative Software Development Project award of $3,000 recognizes new ideas, concepts, methodologies and/or out of the box ideas. Best Collaborative Software Development Project award of $3,000 recognizes the teamwork deployed, the group spirit that was built, and the complexity of the collaboration with others across different industries, geographies, and departments. Best Software Engineering Student​​ award of $2,000 recognizes a top student who has focused on Software engineering through his/her courses, projects, internships, and research assistant assignments.

Congratulations Layal, Alexander, and Aya!!