Natural Language Processing

Our focus on natural language Processing branches into several problems of interest:

  • Low-resource languages, specifically developing Arabic dialect resources
  • Opinion mining
  • Conversational systems and chatbots
  • Language Modeling


Opinion Mining for Arabic Project (OMA)

Project Website:


Building state-of-the-art automated sentiment analysis and opinion mining for Arabic (OMA).

A joint work with Qatar University, American University of Beirut, Columbia University and New York University. Supported by the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation)


Name Role Title/Affiliation Contact Info
Dr. Hazem El Hajj Lead Principal Investigator Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, American University of Beirut
Dr. Khaled
Dr. Khaled Bashir Shaaban Co-lead Principal Investigator Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Qatar University
Dr. Wassim
Dr. Wassim El Hajj Principal Investigator Associate Professor and Chairman of Computer Science, American University of Beirut
Dr. Nizar
Dr. Nizar Habash Principal Investigator Associate Professor of Computer Science, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)
Dr. Shady
Dr. Shady Elbassuoni Collaborator Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the American University of Beirut
Dr. Kathy
Dr. Kathy McKeown Collaborator Henry and Gertrude Rothschild Professor of Computer Science. Director, Data Science Institute
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Papers and Projects