Issam Fares Lecture Hall

Keynote 1: Capacity Building for Research and Management of cancer in Patients During and after Military Conflicts – Dr. Richard Sullivan

Management of Cancer in Refugees and Displaced People from Conflict Areas – Dr. Nagi El Saghir

UN, NGOs Medical Centers and Governments: Challenges and Recommendations for the Management of Cancer in Conflict Settings– Dr. Paul Spiegel

Management of Cancer in Patients Living in Conflict Areas – Dr. Zahera Fahed

Management of Syrian Pediatric Cancer Patients at Children Cancer Center of Lebanon / AUBMC- Dr. Hassan El Solh

Cancer in Iraqi Patients Presenting to AUBMC – Dr. Deborah Mukherji

Displaced Cancer Patients in the Kurdish Region of Iraq: War, Financial Toxicity, and Movement – Dr. Mac Skelton I

nnovative Health Financing for Humanitarian Settings– Dr. Paul Spiegel

Hisham Jaroudi Auditorium

Keynote 1: How to Train Surgeons in Resource Limited Environments – Dr. Frank Plani

Lessons Learned from the Military – Dr. David J. Smith Proximie

(Virtual Augmented Reality – Dr. Nadine Hachach Haram

Lower Limb Reconstruction in Gaza – Dr. Naveen Cavale

Trauma Training Towards A Curriculum-Based Approach – Dr. Shehan Hettiaratchy

Trauma Education: Where do we stand – Dr. George Abi Saad

What Kind of Training Does a Conflict Area Surgeon Need? – Dr. Haytham Kaafarani

The Challenges Facing Conflict Medicine: Training in Education – Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta

Developing Microsurgery in North Africa – Dr. Santolo Cozzolino

Lessons Learned from the 2005 London Bombings – Dr. Hasu Patel

Funding for Humanitarian Health Research: The R2HC Programme – Ms. Maysoon Dahab

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