Issam Fares Lecture Hall

Vascular and Endovascular Management of Major Arterial Injuries – Dr. Jamal J. Hoballah

The Sniper Femoral Syndrome Effects on Palestinian Civilians: A Retrospective Study – Dr. Haitham Al Hassan

Management of war liver injuries: The American University of Beirut Medical Center Experience – Dr. Mohamad Khalifeh

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction – Dr. Ari Leppäniemi

Limb Salvage Surgery – Dr. Said Saghieh

Prosthetic Management – Mr. Didier Cooreman

Peripheral Nerve Injuries – Dr. Joseph Bakhash

Keynote 3: Current Rehabilitation Approaches to Traumatic Brain Injury – Dr. Ibolja Cernak

Humanitarian Partnership in Complex Protracted Crisis Situation: A New Response Model – Dr. Firass Abiad

Providing Level III Surgical Care in a Tent: Lessons learnt from Afghanistan and Iraq – Dr. Khaldoon Haddadin

Management of Periocular Injuries – Dr. Riad Maluf

Keynote 4: Reconstruction of Craniofacial Injuries – Dr. Enrique Steiger

Management of Injuries to the Central Nervous System – Dr. Ghassan Skaff

Urogenital & Perineal Reconstruction – Dr. Rami Nasr

Microsurgical Reconstruction of the War Injured Patient – Dr. Amir Ibrahim

Hisham Jaroudi Auditorium 

Keynote 1: Impact of war on Women – Dr. Jennifer

Leaning Structural Violence and Access to PHC – Dr. Josyann Abisaab

Seeking Healthcare in War Zones – Dr. Hyam Bashour

Development and Validation of the Assessment Screen to Identify Survivors Toolkit for Gender-Based Violence – Dr. Alexander Vu

Child Outcomes in Crisis Zones: Experience of the Tertiary Care Center in Lebanon – Dr. Rabih Chahine

Clinical Challenges to Women’s Health in Conflict Zones – Dr. Alison Fiander

Conclusions: Reflections on Women’s Health in Conflict – Dr. Jennifer Leaning

Keynote 1: Trauma, War and Violence: Public Mental Health in Sociocultural Context – Dr. Joop de Jong

Lessons from the July 2006 War: Developing Networks and Trauma Research – Dr. Laila F. Farhood

The Psychological Burden on Child Soldiers – Dr. Joop de Jong

Caring for Traumatized Children During the Lebanese Wars – Dr. Myrna Ghannaje

Keynote 2: Chronic Stress Induced Resilience Decline and Potential Treatment Options – Dr. Ibolja Cernak

Experience from the Field: The Syrian Telemental Health Network (STMH)– Dr. Andres Barkil-Oteo

Military Psychiatry: The Challenges of Treating Combatants– Dr. Joseph El-Khoury

Drugs and War: A Historical Perspective- Dr. Farid Talih

Challenges in the Diagnostic Classification of Trauma, DSM V & Proposed ICD-11 – Dr. Brigitte Khoury

Ismail Khalil Auditorium

Variance and Scope of Disruption in Delivery of Renal Care– Dr. Mohamed Sekkarie

Limitations and Options for Renal Care Under Suboptimal Circumstances– Dr. Rania Derani

Changes and Adaptations for Renal Care in Long Term Conflicts– Dr. Ali Al Saedi

Renal Care for Displaced Patients in Host Countries – Dr. Rumeyza Kazanicioglu

Renal Care for Displaced Patients – Dr. Ali Abu Alfa

Innovations and Creative Solutions in Limited Resource Settings – Dr. Lina Murad

Support for renal care by NGOs – Dr. Nabil Karah

Role and Advocacy of Professional Renal Societies – Dr. Fredric Finkelstein

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