Issam Fares Lecture Hall

Keynote 1: Characteristics of Surgery in Conflict: How is it Different? – Dr. Christos Giannou

Emergency Preparedness at Country Level: The Experience of South Africa – Dr. Frank Plani

The Twin Terrorist Attack in Norway: The Trauma Response – Dr. Christina Gaarder

Trauma Response in Low Income Countries Involved in Conflict – Dr. Hans Husum

Wound Ballistics – Dr. Paul Ley

Essential Management of War Wounds – Dr. Marco Baldan

Initial Management of War Wounds with Fractures – Dr. Paul Ley T

he Naji Sahyoun Memorial Lecture – Keynote 2: The Molecular Mechanisms of Traumatic Brain Injury (Blast Induced Brain Injury) – Dr. Ibolja Cernak

Can We Decrease the Mortality from War Injuries: Lessons Learned – Dr. David Smith

Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy and Emergency Blood Transfusion – Dr. Christina Gaardner

Keynote 3: Can This Limb be Saved: Strategies to Salvage Limb War Injuries – Dr. Hans Husum

Management of Patients with Entrapped Unexploded Ordinances – Dr. Mauro Dalla Torre

Keynote 4: Open Abdomen in Trauma – Dr. Ari Leppäniemi

Management of Pelvic Injuries – Dr. Christina Gaarder

Management of Blast Injuries – Dr. Fawzi Al Ayoubi

Blast injuries: Specificities and Trends – Dr. Marco Baldan

Hisham Jaroudi Auditorium

Keynote 2: The Pharmacokynetics & Pharmacodynamics of Multi Drug Resistance – Dr. David Nicolau

NCD Paradigm & its Implications – Dr. Stephane Du Mortier
Immunization in Conflict Settings – Dr. Claudia Truppa
Patterns of Torture – Dr. Coleen Kivlahan
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