Issam Fares Lecture Hall

Keynote 1: The Current Health Situation of Refugees in Lebanon, Arab & European Countries – Towards a Universal Healthcare Coverage – Dr. Michel Woodman

What Has Been Done in Lebanon Towards a Universal Healthcare Coverage of Refugees – Dr. Alissar Rady

Refugees, Migrants, & Ethical Responsibility for their Healthcare – Dr. Michel Daher

Evidence Based Medicine in emergency care and resource limitations – Dr. Frank Plani

The Non Conventional Warfare Scenario: When Chemicals are Used – Dr. Mauro Dalla Torre

The Attacks on Health Personnel and Infrastructure – Dr. Sebastian Spencer

Keynote 3: The Importance of Nursing Care in Humanitarian Interventions – Ms. Monica Arpagaus

Fake Drugs in Regions of Conflict – Dr. Ismail Sukkariyyah

Hisham Jaroudi Auditorium 

Student Workshop: Hospital Emergency PrepardnessDr. Eveline Hitti

Keynote 1: The Evolution of Humanitarian Intervention – Dr. Michael

Van Rooyan Mass Casualty Management in the Emergency Department: Lessons Learnt in Lebanon – Dr. Amin Antoine N. Kazzi

Disaster Response: How Armed Conflicts Differ – Dr. Mazen El Sayed

Acute & Chronic Effects of Chemical Warfare – Dr. Ziad N. Kazzi

Hemorrhage Control in Trauma During Conflicts Beyond Transfusion Protocols: Lessons Learned in Iraq & Afghanistan – Dr. George Abi Saad

Keynote 2: Volunteerism in Conflict – When Should You Say NO? – Dr. Amin Antoine N. Kazzi

Mass Casualty Incidents: Procedures & Medications in the Pre-hospital Field – Dr. Mazen El Sayed

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