Have you thought about studying architecture but aren't sure what it's about?

Do you want to connect with like-minded individuals in a rewarding academic setting?

Do you want to turn your passion for gaming into a potential career path?


This summer the Department of Architecture and Design at the American University of Beirut is offering a 4-week program for anyone interested in exploring architecture whether as a career or simply a curiosity. 

Cross the boundaries of real and imaginary in this one of a kind experience and explore design concepts that can help you navigate life, no matter what you do for a living! Learn from our world-class faculty in one of the best universities in the world and get immersed in a culture that is both challenging and rewarding.

We will be using videogaming as a launching pad and explore architecture, its histories, methods, and practice in online workshops where attendants will make a portfolio of three architectural projects. The program is  for high school and college students or grads. Join us this summer and come out with your own portfolio, meet diverse students from around the world, and earn a certificate!

*No prior knowledge of architecture or gaming is required

 Online Open House for anyone interested in the program on Friday June 18th at 11:00 AM Beirut Time.


General Info

Schedule and Requirements

The workshop will kick off on July 9 and end on August 9. Lectures and workshops will be held from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Beirut time). Check the fact sheet below for more info on the program schedule.


Admissions and Eligibility

The course is open to anyone with an interest in architecture. High school and college students, graduates, as well as mid-career individuals with an interest in architecture and design are all welcome. Application deadline is on July 4. 

Tuition and Fees 

The tuition for the program is 900$ for international students and the equivalent in local bank transfer  for those residing in Lebanon. A limited number of scholarships are available for students residing in Lebanon. Tuition is due upon admission to the program. Full refund will be remitted end of June. 

Program Details

To learn more about the program download the fact sheet


Why Learn With Us?


Career discovery

Learn about architecture as a discipline involved in shaping the built enviroment with a deeply cultural and social approach.


Portfolio Building

Learn portfolio-building skills. Make a portfolio of 3 architectural projects formatted digitally. This portfolio can be instrumental in applying to architecture studies or other creative industries, at college or graduate levels.


Gaining a global network

Participate in a multi-institutional, international program at one of the top  universities worldwide. Interact with students from across the world in an exciting environment of learning and exploration. 

Architecture has recorded the great ideas of the human race. Not only every religious symbol, but every human thought has its page in that vast book.

Victor Hugo 

The extension of the human sphere and the means of its determination go far beyond a build statement. Today everything becomes architecture. "Architecture" is just one of many means, is just one possibility.

Hans Hollein