Frequently Asked Questions

Can I borrow components and/or get access to the room if I am not a member of the Robotics Club?

No. Since the number of components is limited, as well as the working space of the room and the tools and equipment available, we only accommodate our members as they have priority.

Can I work on my project in the Robotics Lab during the day?

Use of the room is restricted for specific tasks for the completion of your project that cannot be done somewhere else, such as soldering, drilling, and circuit testing. Any other part of your project such as assembling a breadboard circuit can be done anywhere and therefore is not allowed in the room except if you need help to figure out a bug. This should be mentioned in the “Comment” section of the Room Access form.

Can I keep my project in the room for a day or more?

As the room has limited spaces and is reserved for tasks that require space, leaving your project in the room is not an option. A project can be left in the room only if it is part of ourĀ Robotics Projects.

Can I take a tool outside of the room and return it once I am done?

No. All tools, with the exception of spray painting and wood cutting, must be used within the room to avoid losses and disorder.