AUB Robotics Club Cabinet Alumni

Ahmad Amine

Ahmad Amine

Vice President - AY19-20

Undergraduate: Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering; Minor: Mathematics

Graduate: M.S.E. Robotics (2021-23), PhD in ECE (2023-Present), University of Pennsylvania

Bio: I started off my undergraduate research journey with Professor Imad working on instrumentation and later pivoted to Human-Robot Interaction, the latter of which resulted in my first academic paper. I also had my FYP with Professor Imad on autonomous planting drones which solidified my interest in robotics. Prof. Naseem’s courses on Linear Systems and Adaptive Control shaped my academic and research interests and I am very grateful to have taken them with him (even if they were tough as nails). I volunteered with him in the NXP Cup, sparking my passion for self-driving cars. Other Professors that influenced my academic interests include Dr. Dany Bou Jaoude with convex optimization (a must-take), and Professor Fadi Karameh with System Identification and EECE 603. On the professional level, I interned with Band Industries as an undergrad and later worked with them full-time as a mechatronics engineer. The environment provided by Band helped me evolve and develop my skills as a developer and engineer which helped me a lot in grad school. Currently, I’m with Tier IV in Tokyo working on developing control algorithms for self-driving cars.