Open Positions

Our group is seeking motivated students looking to work on problems at the interface of engineering and medicine in a multidisciplinary environment and engage in labs at leading labs at AUB and the United states working in the field. We also offer a lab rotation for interested students.


Postdoctoral candidates should contact the PI via email, attached their CV and describe the area of interest that is relevant to the research goals of the group.


Graduate students who are interested in joining the lab should contact the PI via email. We also offer a lab rotation for interested students.


Undergraduate students. We have a number of undergraduate students working in the lab and we are not currently accepting new students. Please check back in May.


Equipment The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art neurorecording systems. We have two electrophysiology rigs with 64 and 34 recordings channels. The systems are capable of recording from animal, cell and brain slices. We have a full fabrication setup for device inkjet printing including printers, inspection microscopes, electrical and surface characterization. The inkjet setup doubles for We also have a bioprinting. We have a holographic microscope. We have a FluidFM BOT for measuring cell adhesion, delivering fluid into cells and mirco and nano patterning. We also have a several setups for Ultrasound for physical mapping of acoustic profiles, amplifiers and focused transducers.