What is CampusPress?

CampusPress is a self-service platform offered by AUB IT that allows users to create and maintain personal websites and blogs. The platform is built on top of WordPress technology which is a very popular content management system.

Who can use it ?

Any staff or faculty member can create a website after agreeing to the terms of service. The site can be for a personal page, blog, or a landing page for a project or event.

Below is a list of scenarios where we do not recommend to use this platform:

  • Official AUB content. This should be under AUB’s website
  • Creating a simple Questionnaire or Survey. You can use instead Microsoft Forms provided as part of Office 365

Note that faculty members are required to have a page on FMIS. CampusPress can be used as a complementary service to create a more personalized webpage.

How to login and Create a site?

Go to sites.aub.edu.lb. Read the instructions on the home page and then click on Create A Site. You will have to log in using the AUB username and password.

Can I have a custom URL ?

No, all websites will be under sites.aub.edu.lb/ [yoursitechosenname]. You can, however, buy a custom domain name and use Domain Forwarding to redirect to your site.


What Themes can I use ?

CampusPress offers a wide range of Themes that can be activated on your website. From your dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Themes. We recommend to try the DIVI theme which we beleive is suitable for any website content and scenario. For a DIVI tutorial click here.

Custom themes cannot be uploaded on your website.

Is there a limit on content ?

There is no limit on the number of sites or the size of the content you create and upload to a site. Use it responsibly.

Can I do custom development ?

The platform offers a wide range of plugins and themes which makes creating any kind of content possible. Many plugins exist at the Plugins section in your Dashboard. You cannot upload custom plugins.

Editing the source code of your site is also not possible, neither is having FTP access. You can, however, add custom CSS or JavaScript to your site globally or on a single page.

How can I create a Form ?

For a simple contact form you can use Contact Form plugin.

For a more advanced form builder, we recommend activating the Plugin Formidable.

How can I get help?

CampusPress is a self-service tool, you will find video content on the homepage sites.aub.edu.lb. Also, frequently asked questions FAQ, and a user guide.

For technical problems (non-content related) you can contact your IT Service Desk at https://servicedesk.aub.edu.lb.

For content issues, this is a self-service tool you can refer to the videos and user guide mentioned above or any online material.

In case you need to get professional help in creating your content, you can contact the IT manager in your department or IT Service Desk who may guide you to hire an approved developer.