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COVID-19 mRNA vaccines video:

COVID-19 & Cancer:

Staying vigilant in the new normal:

Keeping Safe for Each Other:

Why smoking is dangerous:

10 reasons to stop smoking during the outbreak:

What Happens After You Quit Smoking:

How CoronaVirus Stigma Affects Patients and Societies:





  • The CPCP actively fosters the development of informational resources in different media forms (print and digital) on cancer prevention while directing its awareness efforts on two main elements for cancer prevention in Lebanon: promoting early screening for cancer and tobacco cessation by sharing continuous knowledge on the carcinogenic risk of tobacco in its many forms.
  • Information media developed, designed and produced at NKBCI by the CPCP is used in the program’s various community outreach activities, planned health awareness campaigns and events, and shared with collaborating NGOs.
  • Prepared information may also support disease awareness on NKBCI Blood Diseases Program: namely Iron Deficiency and Thrombosis.


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Cancer Prevention:

  1. Avoiding tobacco
  2. Getting screened
  3. Getting vaccinated
  4. Weighing healthy
  5. Limiting alcohol
  6. Eating healthy
  7. Protecting your skin
  8. Staying active

Cancer Screening:

Screening Can Save Your Life: Lung, Colorectal & Prostate Cancer Screening English/Arabic

  1. Screening for lung cancer English/Arabic
  2. Screening for colorectal cancer English/Arabic
  3. Screening for prostate cancer English/Arabic


Blood disorders:

Iron deficiency:

  1. Knowing more on iron deficiency
  2. Symptoms of iron deficiency
  • The CPCP actively fosters and promotes the development and dissemination of informational and awareness resources on various topics related to the prevention, management and treatment of cancer.
  • As such the CPCP aims to be an information resource hub on cancer. While focusing on the importance of cancer screening and tobacco control; the information the CPCP puts forward accounts for the most frequently diagnosed diseases, published local research, and tobacco smoking as a main risk factor.
  • Resources developed by the CPCP are used in the program’s various community outreach activities and shared with collaborating NGOs: planned health awareness campaigns and events for the public whether for an adult public audience, schools or at AUBMC grounds for patients and caretaker families. After being reviewed by our medical specialists, booklets are published through both the Patient Affairs and Communications departments.



The following resources are available:

General care:












  • Available genetic tests


  • Cancer related fatigue


  • Risk factors for cancer


  • Symptoms of Cancer


  • Physical activity during cancer treatment


  • Measuring distress in cancer patients


  • Central venous access catheters


  • Caring for a Hickman catheter


  • Caring for a PICC line


  • Dangers of passive smoking


  • Inflammation and cancer











  • Colorectal cancer


  • Ovarian cancer


  • Cervical cancer


  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma