Welcome to our website! We are a team of scientists that study the properties and behavior of airborne particles, or “aerosols”, as they relate to the environment and human health, with a special emphasis on tobacco regulatory science. In our labs we develop and deploy theoretical models and new technologies to predict and measure chemical and physical properties of aerosols, and their influences on human health and behavior. Our work identifies effective, actionable regulatory targets for tobacco product design and performance that address addiction and toxicant exposure. Our goal is to help eliminate tobacco-related death and disease globally.

MSFEA Air Pollution Observatory

The MSFEA ARL Air Pollution Observatory continuously monitors the airborne particle pollutant levels in Beirut from the AUB campus.

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Several novel instruments for tobacco control research have been developed by the Aerosol Research Lab, including waterpipe and electronic cigarette smoking topography devices, an in-situ real-time sampling device for aerosol analysis, and a smoking robot that can mimic human puffing behavior in millisecond detail. These instruments are used by researchers in Southwest Asia, Europe, and the USA.