Prepare university graduates as resilient ethical leaders that serve society– who are creative and innovative problem solvers contributing to improving the well-being of their communities and countries by positively affecting the environment, promoting peace and understanding, and respecting diversity.


We are committed to providing quality, student-centered education that produces graduates with the knowledge and skills to become ethical leaders who contribute to our global society by building a sustainable planet with peace, dignity, justice, and opportunity for all.


  • Catalyze university change including greater community engagement
  • Educate future leaders and change-agents needed to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector, rural communities and societal well-being locally and globally
  • Disseminate Key Elements of Success with focus on pilot universities in Haiti and Mexico
  • Share the EARTH University experiences through GCHERA’s Global Network
  • Engage GCHERA member universities to share their experiences and innovations and to leverage the project on a global scale

Key Outcomes

  • Select Key Elements of Success will be shared and embraced by pilot institutions and the global GCHERA audience according to their vision for change and particular circumstances and needs
  • The selected universities will be better prepared for integrating problem solving, social entrepreneurship, environmental awareness, ethical leadership and decision-making, and community engagement in their educational systems
  • Selected universities will become models for others in their regions of the world
  • Globally there will be subject matter networks of specialists for each of the key elements of success to continue institutionalization of innovative learning practices
  • GCHERA’s initiative on reforming undergraduate education will be strengthened, impacting universities across its 900 member network