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The 50th MEMA 2019, presents itself as a succinct, problem-oriented source of practical information, based on current best evidence and content-expert experience of leading clinicians in various topics including preoperative optimization, intraoperative monitoring and advances for safe anesthetic care, and intraoperative surgical techniques to address high-risk surgical patients and intraoperative high-risk surgeries. It also provides full spectrum of preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative management of high-risk surgical patients to ensure advanced postoperative intensive care and long term care and superior outcomes based on new techniques such as those that are minimally invasive and hybrid. Perioperative care guides the multidisciplinary team involved to optimize the chances for better informed decisions related to further selective referrals to medical specialists before surgery, further specialized preoperative investigations, and preoperative interventions initiatives that are intended to decrease perioperative risk and arrange for appropriate levels of postoperative care.

Abstract: Deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday, April 5th, 2019

Criteria for Abstract Submissions:

·       Full title of page

·       Names of authors: All co-investigators should be listed using full last name and first name. Last name should be capitalized. The principal investigator should be identified with an asterisk and the presenter’s name underlined.

·       Affiliation by institution and country of principal investigator and presenter. Example: WARD Paul, HAMAD Sami, KAWA Nancy*, RAMI Sani Dr. Ward: University of Cedars, Lebanon Dr. Kawa: University of Palms at Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

·       Body text: Text should be structured in three clear paragraphs: Background / Methods and Results / Conclusion. Total text should not exceed 200 words.

·       Kindly include answers for the below questions:

o   Did the research involve human subjects, including review of existing records/material? ___Yes ____No

o   If you answered YES to Question 1, was IRB approval granted for the study?___Yes& ____No

o   Approving Institution: AUB Other(name) PI name:

    Submit Abstract