From the President

Vol. XXII, No. 1, 2024

This fall semester began on an historic note. We welcomed the largest and academically strongest undergraduate and graduate classes since 2019, recruited 120 new faculty members over the past two years, and opened our first twin campus in Cyprus in September. We also acquired our first-ever community hospital in the Keserwan Medical Center. This rising sense of optimism was thrown asunder by the devastating violence that broke out in the region in October. Despite the senseless killing of innocents and wanton destruction of property, and the psychological and emotional toll this has taken on our community, we persisted in serving our diverse constinuents by adhering to our core values and principles. As we have done consistently through crises past, members of the American University of Beirut rallied to support one another and to provide succor to those in need. With our robust continuity plans in place, our academic and healthcare missions never faltered.

In times of crisis, the university’s mission to educate, serve, and heal must continue, and so it has. We are impelled to redouble our efforts as we prepare the next generation of citizen leaders who prove their excellence through action and who, firm in the knowledge that they are children of no lesser God, are inspired to work for the greater good of their communities, nations, and the world. It is this determination to impact and transform that led AUB to inaugurate its first twin campus, the American University of Beirut – Mediterraneo, in Pafos, Cyprus, which opened its doors in September. Just as AUB is woven into the fabric of Lebanon, we envision it will one day be so in Cyprus as well.

As I said during this year’s 157th Opening Ceremony, AUB empowers and enables its graduates to be dreamers, strivers, and builders of a better world. This will remain our duty and our vision in Beirut, Pafos, Keserwan, and anywhere else that AUB sets down roots, and no matter what tempests may surround us. As we have done in times past, the people of the American University of Beirut will “keep calm and carry on” so that not only those whom we educate and serve, but their communities and nations, may have life and have it more abundantly.