Published and Produced

Vol. XXII, No. 1, 2024

Dancing into the Light


Written by Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki (former student 1969–71)

Abdul-Baki shares her multi-cultural coming- of-age story of belonging to two vastly different cultures, finding her place within both, and the search to find the inherent harmony in worlds at odds with each other.


Famine Worlds


Written by Tylor Brand (PhD ’14)

Tylor Brand draws on memoirs, diaries, and correspondence to explore how people negotiated the famine and its traumas in Lebanon during World War I.




Written by Zahra Hankir (BA ’06)

Seen through Zahra Hankir’s (kohl- lined) eyes, eyeliner, this ubiquitous but seldom-examined product, becomes a portal to history, proof both of the stunning variety among cultures across time and space and of our shared humanity.

Other works:


Artist’s Rooms at Jameel Arts Centre

Produced by Daniele Genandry (AUB faculty)


For the Armenian Cause

Written by Zaven Messerlian (BA ’59, MA ’64)