July | Reunion 2023 brought together alumni from across the globe. A timeless celebration of old friendships and cherished moments.

September | This fall semester, AUB welcomed the largest and academically strongest incoming undergraduate and graduate classes since 2019.

October | A powerful moment of solidarity as AUB students, faculty, and staff took Stand 4 Gaza a stand for the people of Gaza, advocating for peace and justice.

October | Saab Medical Library radiated hope in October, bathed in pink light to raise awareness for breast cancer, among other Breast Cancer Awareness activities during the month.

October | Amherst College faculty and staff toured campus during their visit, part of a new collaborative initiative with AUB: Moving Beyond Traditional Exchange Programs.

November | One of several farmer’s markets this semester offered the opportunity to reconnect with the rural environment while exploring a diverse array of seasonal produce and pantry items.

November | MSFEA mechanical engineering students of MECH241 navigated their final projects at the Hostler Center with a splash of engineering charm.

November | An immersive promenade theater production of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, translated into Arabic, used the campus as a stage and enthralled sold-out audiences.

November | Community members traveled to AUB’s Advancing Research Enabling Communities Center (AREC) in the Bekaa Valley to help harvest the prized spice saffron from purple crocus flowers.

December | Celebrating the 157th Founders Day, the Archives and Special Collections Department team led by Samar Mikati revealed rare treasures related to our founding fathers, many for the first time ever.

December | A beloved tradition continued as the community came together to illuminate the Christmas tree and sing carols after the annual AUB Choir holiday concert.

Campus Snapshots

Vol. XXII, No. 1, 2024