Unlikely Peers: Father & daughter graduate together

Spring 2023

Above: Mohamad Daouk (BBA ’88, MSBA ’23) and his daughter Dima (BS Finance ’20, MSBA ’22)

It was Mohamad Daouk who convinced his daughter, Dima, to enroll in AUB’s master’s degree in business analytics (MSBA) program. “I knew what the program could provide—and how I could apply what I learned at work,” he says. He was also sure that gaining these skills would give Dima an edge in her career. He was right. “Enrolling in this program was,” she says, “the best decision of my life. It has unlocked a part of my brain that I did not know existed.” Mohamad and Dima enjoyed the experience of being enrolled in the program at the same time. “We entered the classroom as students, not as father and daughter,” says Mohamad. Dima says that their biggest challenge in working together was that they both wanted to do everything. “We are both type A personalities,” she laughs.