Aiducation – Frida Atallah

by MainGate Staff
Fall 2022

Now a fourth-year medical student, Frida Atallah grew up in a small town in Mount Lebanon. For as long as she can remember, she wanted to attend AUB. “I knew that education would change my path and would help me, my family, and my community,” she says. “I knew too that AUB is one of the best universities in the region, so I decided to apply and to give myself a chance for change.”

She’s glad she did. Being part of the AUB community has been “a phenomenally stimulating environment.” Frida is also getting “a top-quality education.” None of this would be possible without the financial assistance she is receiving from AUB—and from the Dr. Marwan Mneimneh Scholarship. “Growing up in a low-income family where my father is the only income provider for a family of seven, including my parents, my grandfather, two brothers, and one sister, I knew that it would be tough to reach my dream of becoming a medical doctor—especially at AUB. I am sincerely grateful to be supported by the Dr. Marwan Mneimneh Scholarship.”

Looking ahead, Frida says that she is hoping to pursue her medical specialty education in the US and to come back to work in Lebanon and serve her community.