Beirut Through Their Eyes: A selection of student work from their photojournalism course

Fall 2022

Since its invention in 1839, the camera’s ability to freeze time has earned it a unique place in society. In journalism, these “decisive moments” have shown the photograph’s unique power to crystallize an issue, impact public opinion, and provoke social change.

In AUB’s Media Studies Program, the history and craft of visual journalism (photography and videography) is taught by George Azar, AUB’s inaugural photojournalist-in-residence.

Azar’s instructional style is rooted in insights gained from 40 years of reporting from the Middle East and North America. His documentary photographs of the Lebanese war and Palestinian occupation are archived in AUB’s Jafet Library’s Special Collections. Established in 2010, the Media Studies Program has grown into one of the fastest-growing majors on campus, hosting both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

These photos represent a fraction of the incredible work of AUB students in the Media Studies Program. “This is Beirut through the eyes of our students, documenting their own unique era. Their work is candid, often powerful, and deeply human,” says Azar.