Womanhood, from antiquity to modernity

By MainGate Staff
Spring 2022

This year, the AUB Archaeological Museum held an exhibit showcasing the power of juxtaposing antiquity with modernity. As part of AUB’s coed centennial celebrations, Nadine Panayot, curator of the Archaeological Museum, partnered with sculptor Andrée Fattal to pair pieces of her work with ancient sculptures housed in the museum.
“Mother Earth,” the title of the exhibit, is an installation that reflects on womanhood using millennia-old statues and Fattal’s artwork. “Andrée’s sculptures have been handpicked because of the inherent emotional meaning they grant to our collection,” says Panayot. The exhibit attempts to reconstruct pieces from antiquity with contemporary sculptures to explore the feminine across past and present.

Since I assumed my position as curator at the AUB Museum, I have tried to give voices to the objects exhibited at the museum, sometimes even granting them a second life, a way of connecting the past to the present.” -Nadine Panayot, AUB Archaeological Museum Curator

“When Nadine offered me the opportunity to take part in the exhibition, I couldn’t believe my ears. A kind of dream turned into reality. A dialogue that transcends space and time between creators is a brilliant idea and a vision that opens broad horizons.” –Andrée Fattal, sculptor