by MainGate Staff
Spring/Summer 2020

Under the supervision of Department of Family Medicine Clinical Associate Professor Umayya Musharrafieh, AUBMC’s Pandemic Evaluation Clinic and Center (PECC—pictured above) was completed in less than 10 days. Opened to the public in late March in Building #56 between Maamari and Clemenceau streets, the facility was thoroughly retrofitted to comply with international safety standards for COVID-19.

The first floor is an outpatient facility for screening, assessment, and early identification of respiratory illness, including COVID-19.

There are 11 newly designed individual negative pressure rooms for intensive care management and 10 intermediate care beds on the second floor.

A regular unit of 21 individual rooms on the fourth floor has been assigned for stable patients, while additional support areas have been created throughout the building.

 A “train the trainer” best-practices model is used to ensure that all staff are proficient in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for infection prevention and control when caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.