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Child Labor in the 21st Century

by | May 14, 2021 | Dashboard | 0 comments

What does life look like for a child in the 21st Century?

For someone like you and I, life is pretty normal, we have friends and family, we go to school, we’re healthy. But for someone like Czano, life is very different. At just 7 years old, he does not go to school. Instead, he works at a balloon factory in Bangladesh in order to provide for his family.

This is the sad reality of millions of children around the world who are forced to work in order to help their families due to severe poverty.
Not only are government at fault, but also businesses who employ these young children and even people like you and me who purchase products that were produced by children.

Take a look at these insights below in order to learn more about child labor and together, we can raise awareness about this issue and hopefully make a change.

Don’t forget to always educate yourself about where your products are coming from and purchase ethically!

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