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Its time to See!

by | May 5, 2020 | Dashboard | 0 comments


Each year, One million persons die r because of suicide, and this reflects a mortality rate of one death every forty seconds.

Additionally, the rates of suicide deaths have increased by 60% in the last 45 years worldwide. For this, suicide became one of the three main causes of mortality among the males and females that are 15 to 44 years old. This is a problem that is a concern for every country therefore performing data exploration and analysis is of high importance, few recommendations will be suggested and will be directed to governments to take action at the first place and then to parents and schools to be aware of the reasons behind the increasing numbers in order to raise awareness among the future generations.

It is clear that East European countries have higher suicide rates compared to west European countries. Post Soviet Union European countries have very high suicide rates because of high economic and political instability that followed the collapse of the Union. These high rates are associated high levels of substance abuse.

For this, awareness should be spread about the dangers of substance use in educational schools and systems. Also, substance rehabilitation centers are a way to reduce the numbers of drug abusers and in turn reduce the suicide risk.


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