Shower for a year or eat a burger?
By Karl El Haddad I want to start this article by asking You: What do you do to slow down climate change; especially when it relates to water consumption?  Personally, for the past couple of years, I tried to adopt new sustainable ways of (More)
Wine not?
By Maria Sarkis What’s better than a glass of wine after a long exhausting day? Drinking wine has a lot of health benefits such as protecting against heart disease but have you ever thought about the environmental impact of wine? Is wine goo (More)
How did the Lebanese youth end up with a groovy – yet sustainable – thrifting trend?
By Ameed Shehayeb Last year was definitely a year of unprecedented events; most of which were negative ones obviously. Surprisingly, 2020 has left its trace in Lebanon on more than one level. After the economic collapse commenced, the sharpest de (More)
Resolutions for Sustainability in 2021
By Marwa Naime and Elham Chaiban According to NASA1, 2020 was the hottest year on record, despite the pandemic disrupting life as usual and incidentally decreasing transport and energy emissions. It’s therefore evident that further collective act (More)