Cell-based Meat: The Future of the Meat Industry
By Hadi Noun Special thanks to Nabil Jerdak for his contribution. Ever since the agricultural revolution, technology has provided us with innovative and efficient ways to feed a growing population. With estimations of a world population of 9.8 (More)
SEnLi meets GROUND - Vertical farming
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, food production must increase by 70% before the year 2050 in order to meet global food needs. Vertical farming could help solve some of the pressing challenges facing food pro (More)
Roof ventilators, powered by wind
By Marwa Naime Electric power consumption is increasing with time and morphing into a grave environmental concern, where more energy is needed with growing construction. Taking the US as an example, almost 40% of a household's energy bill goes to (More)
PLASFILL provides durable products made up of waste that allow the easy, quick, and cheap fix of road defects. This innovative Lebanese startup started as a final year project (FYP) at AUB by a team of Civil Engineering students. SEnLi met PLASFILL (More)
Where is Paolo?
A member of SEnLi Paolo Jr. Mrad is always with his "HoBi". Paolo is with his HoBi! Are you curious to know what is "HoBi"? Meet HoBi! H (More)