Climate change and carbon offsets
By Lynn Makkaoui Join SEnLi's member Lynn Makkaoui on her "Journey to Sustainability". In this video Lynn explains how our lifestyle can affect climate change and how to calculate and offset our carbon footprint. (More)
Eco-effective (Cradle-to-Cradle) design
Eco-effective design is an alternative concept to Eco-efficiency. It was presented by Michael Braungart, a chemist, and William McDonough, an architect, in their book "Cradle-to-Cradle: Remaking the way we make things" published in 2002. Then follow (More)
The Pillars of Sustainability
In this video, we explain the necessary pillars that should be taken into consideration to reach sustainability. These constitute the environmental, economic, and social pillars. We also emphasize on the importance of a fourth pillar that incorporat (More)
Vertical farming: The future of Agriculture
According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, half of all habitable land is used for agriculture. And with the growing global population, food production must increase by 70% before the year 2050 in order to meet global food needs. Vertica (More)