Research Programs

Breast center of Excellence for research


 Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among females in Western countries as well as in Lebanon, whereby breast cancer constitutes more than one-third of all female cancers. Breast cancer among Lebanese women occurs in younger age groups in comparison to Western countries. The Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon has issued recommendations to start breast cancer screening with mammography testing at age 40. Early detection has proven 90% curable cancers and improved patient outcome and survival.

For the reasons considered above, the need for a breast Center of Excellence for research emerged.

The Breast Center of Excellence for research at AUBMC aims to be a leading center for research and for personalized cancer treatment for breast cancer through multidisciplinary and collaborative research. The Center also plays a vital role in providing resources for early detection and preventive measures  to reduce Breast Cancer incidence.

Our mission is to reduce pain and enhance the survival rate of breast cancer patients by looking into innovative biomarkers and personalized targeted therapy based on value-driven translational and clinical research, and through nurturing and inspiring a new generation of oncology investigators.

Our Goals:

  1. Determine the microenvironment changes that can lead to Breast Cancer
  2. Determine cancer specific genetic, proteomic or metabolic changes unique to Breast Cancer different types that can be developed as IBC specific treatment targets or diagnostic tools.
  3. Provide the best precision/personalized medical care and treatment for our patients.
  4. Explore novel technologies to aid the early detection of Breast Cancer.
  5. Disseminate the highest quality information that will help, educate and guide patients Breast Cancer.


Ongoing breast cancer research projects in include:


  • Prognostic determinants of outcome at presentation in young Lebanese female patients (< 40 year compared to those > 40 years with newly diagnosed Breast carcinomas: A prospective clinicopathologic and molecular study)
  • BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in ethnic Lebanese Arab women with breast cancer
  • Outcome Of Patients With Early And Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Treated Outside Clinical Trials 2008-2010 -Direg_L_04779. ??
  • Comparative Baseline needs assessment for Breast Cancer Awareness and Management in Middle East and North Africa
  • Gene Expression Profiling of Breast Cancers in Lebanese Women
  • Toxicity profiles of thin breast cancer patients at AUBMC receiving Anthracycline-based BSA adjusted Chemotherapy
  • Availability, Rate of Usage, and Impact of Commercialized Genomic Tests on Adjuvant Treatment
  • Decisions in Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients in Lebanon