Under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, the Cancer Support Fund (CSF) – AUBMC held a National Stand for Adult Cancer Patients at the Grand Serail to pledge the strong commitment of the American University of Beirut
and its Medical Center to continually assist and support cancer patients.

The event, which took place on February 4 on World Cancer Day, was attended by the Prime Minister and several other Ministers, AUB President, NKBCI Director, CSF Founder and President, National Commission for Women’s Affair’s President, Ambassadors of the US, Jordan, Canada, and Norway, along with head of physicians’ syndicate, doctors, and healthcare workers.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Mikati flagged the “humanitarian challenge” related to cancer in Lebanon amidst the socio-economic collapse, as access to healthcare and medicines becomes increasingly difficult. He acknowledged the perseverance of Dr. Taher and Ms. Dahdah Abou Jaber in supporting cancer patients and thanked Dr. Khuri for always putting AUB’s capabilities at the service of this noble mission.

Ms. Dahdah Abou Jaber, President of the CSF, in turn appreciated Prime Minister Mikati for being one of the first supporters since the fund’s establishment in 2018 which aided so far more than 750 patients and 2,500 hospital encounters. Later, Dr. Khuri expressed how their gathering that day was a statement in support of hope, noting the return of the most important cancer surgeons, Dr. Raymond Sawaya, to Lebanon as the Dean for the Faculty of Medicine and VP for medical affairs at AUB.

The ceremony ended with lighting a hall at the Grand Serail to keep hope shining, shed light on cancer patients’ struggle, and find sustainable solutions for them.