ITSET Project Outputs


– Journal and proceeding papers | Jaafar, H. and Mourad, R. (2021). GYMEE: A global field-scale yield mapper in Google Earth Engine based on ET, weather, and soils data. Remote Sensing.

– Journal and proceeding papers | Darwish, T., Shaban A., Masih, I., Jaafar, H., Jomaa, I., & Simaika, J.P. (2021). Sustaining the ecological functions of the Litani River Basin, LebanonInternational Journal of River Basin Management. 

Journal and proceeding papers | Jaafar, H., & Kharroubi, S. A. (2021). Views, practices and knowledge of farmers regarding smart irrigation apps: A national cross-sectional study in LebanonAgricultural Water Management248, 106759.

– Journal and proceeding papers | Mourad, R., Jaafar, H., Anderson, M., & Gao, F. (2020). Assessment of Leaf Area Index Models Using Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance Data over a Semi-Arid Irrigated LandscapeRemote Sensing12(19), 3121.

MSc Thesis | El Moussawi, L. and Jaafar, H. (2020). “Daily Evapotranspiration over Lebanon by Fusing VIIRS and PROBA-V Satellite Imagery

– MSc Thesis | Mourad, R. and Jaafar, H. (2020). “Assessment of LAI derived from HLS Landsat Sentinel-2, S2 THEIA, and SNAP for crops in Bekaa (Lebanon)

Tools/Models | Hadi Jaafar (2021) AgSAT Web App available at

Tools/Models | Hadi Jaafar (2021) AgSAT Mobile App available on App Store for smartphones using iOS

Tools/Models | Hadi Jaafar (2020) AgSAT Mobile App available on Google Play Store for smartphones using Android

Communication and Dissemination

– Presentations | AgSAT Workshop in Egypt (Dec, 2021)

– Presentations | Hadi Jaafar (2020). “Trends in climate variability, water use and Groundwater depletion in the Litani Basin” presented in conference: Promoting integrated and sustainable development in the Litani River Basin Lebanon using new approaches (Dec 8, 2020)

– Movies/videos | Google and Hadi Jaafar (2020). Ideas to Reality: The American University of Beirut using machine learning to help farmers

– Movies/videos | Nooreed and Hadi Jaafar (2020). Agriculture and Technology

– Esri ArcGIS StoryMap | Revolutionizing Smart Irrigation with AgSAT (Sep 2021) – Featured on SDGs Today Storytelling Collection under SDG6

– News/media articles | AgSAT featured in Summer 2021 issue of IrrigationToday Magazine (Aug, 2021)

– News/media articles | AgHive (2020) ITSET project web page

– News/media articles | ITSET Workshop on smart irrigation app (Jan 30, 2020)

– News/media articles | IHE Delft and Hadi Jaafar (2020). AgSAT: an application for saving water and energy, and enhancing food production


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